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Shea-Kim duo PROJECTS

As an active arts advocate and citizen, Shea-Kim duo is always finding ways to connect people through music.  

Here are a few projects that highlight the duo's work to create a community where music is used to include and understand communities around us.  

Sensory Friendly Concerts

The duo creates partnerships across departments, arts communities, and organizations for a successful collaboration in creating and directing a sensory friendly Autism & Music Concert Series; a series that allows individuals and families with autism to freely enjoy and participate in music making. This series now serves audiences in New York, St. Louis, South Bend, and Seoul, S.Korea.


Music in Familiar Spaces

The Music in Familiar Spaces Artist Collective is made up of some of the world's leading classical musicians, each committed to reaching out to new audiences through innovative and accessible concerts. The Musicians of the Artist Collective recognize that we can't sit around and complain about the ever-diminishing classical music audience or lack of funding. We, the musicians must act. -from MFS site


South Bend Chamber Music Academy

Chamber music develops our youth; not only their musicianship, but also the value of creating music with others, social skills, and work ethics. It also teaches them the purpose of making music by performing for not only self satisfaction but also for others in need. The duo creates a safe haven for young musically gifted students by offering rich collaborative relationships and stimulate inspiring music making.

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