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all ROADS  by  Shea-Kim Duo

What "Romance" looks like for us - two kids, no time, music to learn, but lots to be grateful for. Romance by Amy Beach from our latest album, "all ROADS" 

Composer : Amy Beach
Performers: Shea-Kim Duo 

Label: Blue Griffin 
Sound Engineer: Sergei Kvitko 
Videographer & Film Production : Carlin Ma 

For Your Consideration : 
Best Classical Chamber Music

The award-winning Shea-Kim Duo - violinist Brendan Shea and pianist Yerin Kim - have been performing together for over a decade. They have toured across North America, Europe and South Korea. In “All Roads,” the duo explores the evolving musical styles and sounds that passed through the cultural Mecca of Vienna. “We wanted to present composers who were connected to Vienna in increasingly distant ways, like travelers along a long road,” they wrote in the liner notes. “One cannot help but imagine generations of people from all different backgrounds living along a road that spans the world, but inevitably leads back to Vienna.”

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